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Paul Patrikios

"I love my new Home, Roo dedicated a lot of time to understanding my specific requirements. I now have a very efficient and sustainable home"

Grace Cassinu

"Im so delighted with our renovation, we are super excited to have moved in and raise our new family here"

Mathew Bokka

"Herud Design helped us to understand our own ideas, they just got us. Great process and full of information"

Gilcrest Builders

"Accurate, clear and concise drawings. Extremely helpful when further information required on site"

Here’s 7 Good Reasons Why Designing With Herud DESIGN Is Your Best Choice

Some Designers create THEIR dream home and expect you to love it.

We Design a home thats Inspired by YOUR dream.
We Understand People, We understand Homes, and we understand how people interact with buildings.

We Understand building, not just the theory, we have actually physically built homes.

We want your building to be a reflection of your specific needs, and we understand how to achieve that.

While Architecture is our profession, it is also our passion. We LOVE design and materials. Our experience has proven that nothing great is achieved without passion. In Passion there is beauty.

We are a small, specialised design company and as such you are not simply a number in the line to send a bill to, we are here to LISTEN and HELP as much as we can.

Our services dont cease with Architecture, we have Interior Designers, Landscape Designers, Draftsmen and a registered builder to assist your project.

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